Vacations are life’s pause button… use it wisely!

It’s the Christmas and New Year holiday season, and I bet you anything that your Facebook newsfeed is flooded with excited “traveling to” statuses and check-ins at pubs, clubs and restaurants. Christmas songs have raided every radio station. Presents are being unwrapped as we speak to the sound of laughter, good conversation and wine glasses clinking in the background. We have devoured our turkeys, chocolates and other yummy treats and probably packed on a couple of pounds, but who cares? It’s that time of the year, when life gives us a pause button that we have so eagerly been waiting to press. It’s a time to take break from our daily stressful routine, sit back, have fun with our loved ones and enjoy the things that make life worth living.

In 2 weeks time, I will press the “play” button again and resume my studies in London. In the mean time I will make the best of my vacation; my asylum from life’s pressuring and never-ending demands.

During my “pause”,  I am spending time with my parents, relatives and friends. I am visiting all my favorite spots in Beirut that I have missed dearly, from reading in my favorite coffee shops in Hamra street to wining and dining in the restaurants and pubs of Mar Mkhayel. After being away from home for 4 months (which is the longest I’ve ever been away and it feels like ages) I have developed a new found appreciation for these experiences and I am making my best to enjoy the vacation while it lasts.

I invite you to follow in my footsteps: think of something that makes you happy and take the time do it this holiday season. Your happiness can be a place , a person or an experience. It can be grand Eurotrip with a big group or a simple gathering at your favorite local pub with a few close friends. It can even be sitting alone sipping your coffee cup as the rain falls down on the quiet streets, relishing the silent calamity before life’s hustle and bustle loudly calls you back. And above all , cherish and appreciate that time while it lasts.

It’s not everyday that we get do the things we love so make the best of the holiday season, because before you know it, you are going to have to press “play” again and get back to the daily grind !

With that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year filled with wonderful moments of happiness, enjoyment, fun and relaxation.




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